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Fun at Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Once you’re at your vacation destination, excursions can be tricky to plan. It is important to be sure that if you’re leaving your Tree House Paradise, that the excursion will be worth the trip,  be enjoyable, and leave you with lasting memories.  Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, is an excursion that fits that criteria,

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Easter Traditions in the Caribbean

Easter in the Caribbean is celebrated with great fanfare, solemn dress and wonderful foods. Since the islands of the Caribbean are mainly Christian, visitors can expect to find celebration in many forms to recognize the risen Savior. Some of the traditions are Christian mixed with Caribbean culture. Most are unique to these islands where

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Floyd’s Pelican Bar: A Unique Jamaican Experience

Visitors to Negril, Jamaica can’t miss the unique experience of visiting Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Not only is it a picturesque, rustic bar that fits right in with the tropical island scenery, but it’s also located out in the middle of the ocean on a sandbar. The only way to reach it is by boat.