Dolphin Cove


This marine attraction offers four programs for your pleasure. Come and interact with a family of bottle nose dolphins, swim with the dolphins or interact with stingrays and watch the sharks show. Includes transportation.

Admission to the Park -$66
Interact with the stingrays and watch the Shark Show. Meet these great creatures of the sea where you will get a chance to join them in their habitat. Swim, hold and feed the sharks!

The Encounter -$122
Ideal for non-swimmers. Enjoy a knee-high experience in the water with a dolphin.
Get a dolphin kiss and splash.

The Swim -$152
Enjoy the close-up and personal experience swimming with a dolphin.

Ultimate Swim -$202
Swim in a small group with two dolphins. Enjoy a dolphin kiss, a dorsal pull, a foot push and play time.

Prices are per person $USD

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