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Jamaica dreams in a luxury treehouse - welcome to the sensory magic of Sunset at the Palms

Serenity, luxury and untouched beauty at one of the top ten all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean

Selected by Business Insider in December, 2015, as one of the top ten all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, this is where you depart from the ordinary. Forget the chaos and clatter of the world and  treat all of your senses with an escape to our tranquil, luxury resort in the heart of Jamaica’s coveted coastline. Join us for an unmatched sensory experience in a luxurious, beachside setting.

All-inclusive sensory magic

The best of the sights, sounds, scents, tastes and feel of Jamaica at Sunset at the Palms. Airy, luxurious accommodations in the heart of lush gardens, plenty of activities to keep you enthused all day and a variety of delectable dining options to satisfy every appetite. Enjoy:

Embark on your next adventure

There’s plenty to choose from. Kayaking, wind surfing and snorkeling. Tennis anyone? Or work up an appetite in the air-conditioned gym. Then try our island cooking class or take up a bit of bartending in a “mixology class”. Or take a horticultural tour.

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