Sunset at the Palms Hosts En Plein Air Painting Workshop

Sunset at the Palms will host our first En Plein air Painting Workshop January 9-11, 2023.

Conducted by J. R. Baldini, our repeat guest and founder of International Plein Air Painters, J.R. is also a PPA Master Photographer.

The Paint and Play Art workshop dates are:

3 day workshop January 9-11 $497.00 pp workshop only
2 day workshop January 9-10 $397.00 pp workshop only

All mediums welcome and demos will be in Watercolor and Gouache.
Participants are responsible for their own art supplies.
Prices above are for the workshop only.

More information and registration is available at

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En plein air, a French phrase meaning “in the open air,” describes the process of painting a landscape outdoors. The term defines both a simple technical approach and a whole artistic credo: of presenting nature as a sensory reality, and a commitment to the idea of the artist as creative laborer rather than exulted master.

In the nineteenth century, through the cumulative efforts of artists such as John Constable, Camille Corot and Claude Monet, en plein air came to stand for the ethos of modernity and fidelity to nature which it still implies. More than any other movement, it was Impressionism, synonymous with open air painting and its’ attention to light and atmosphere that defined that school.

Painting en plein air allowed artists to capture the emotional and sensory dimensions of a particular landscape, expressing a new spirit of spontaneity and truth to personal impulse.