To our valued guests, both past and future:

We’re all happy to see the world returning to the new “normal”, and COVID restrictions being revised and relaxed. The government of Jamaica has also revised some of the hotel procedures and protocols while keeping everyone – our guests and our staff – safe and healthy.

At Sunset at the Palms, we’re all about “Sensory Magic,” and now is no different. When you visit our resort, you’ll be able to see, smell and feel the changes we’ve made to keep you more comfortable, both physically and mentally.

We also want to remind you that Sunset at the Palms is a different type of resort, and some of the characteristics that help set us apart may also give you additional peace of mind.

We’re a small property – just 85 treehouse-style rooms – so it never feels crowded. There are no elevators and no busy nightclubs. And we’re surrounded by nature, with guest rooms spread throughout a beautiful jungle garden. Your closest neighbor might just be a hummingbird! Even our beach, where you can go to watch a beautiful and calming sunset, has plenty of space for the number of guests who consider us their home away from home.

We know you are drawn to Jamaica because you want to relax. You want to escape the pressures of daily life, and those stressors have truly multiplied in the past few months. We want you to enjoy a worry-free vacation, and we thank you in advance for adhering to these revised protocols and protecting yourselves and our staff.

A complete list of enhancements is available in the document below and we encourage you to ask us questions before and during your visit – but these are some highlights:

  • Our staff undergoes temperature checks and wear face shields and/or masks plus gloves (dependent on job function). All guests must wear masks, too, and and we encourage you to bring your own so you’re sure it’s comfortable. However, we can provide one if you don’t have your own.
  • You’ll see an abundance of hand-sanitizing stations throughout the resort. We encourage you to use them.
  • You’ll notice our team frequently cleaning the resort, including the use of a specially designed sanitizer on our beautiful hardwood floors and furnishings. Surfaces will be treated throughout the day.
  • Each public space has been rearranged to encourage social distancing, including our lounges, bars and beach.

There’s one part of the magic – the feeling part – that was hard for us to wrap our heads around, but it’s the right thing to do and it’s an important change. In the past, guests were greeted with a smile as warm as the Jamaican sun and a hearty handshake. They generally left with a hug, which is also how we welcomed them back as return guests.

In this new era, guests will still be greeted by our warm smiles behind our masks, but we’re doing something different with our hands. You’ll see us put one hand to our heart in a simple but meaningful gesture that lets you know we’re welcoming you with Heartfelt Hospitality. It’s our new way of telling you how much we love our guests while remaining committed to our top priority: Keeping you, our staff and our beautiful island home safe and healthy.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sunset at the Palms when the time is right for you to travel!

Our Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols
Updated March 19, 2022


  • We’ve always prided ourselves on our high standards of cleanliness and now we’re taking additional efforts to deep-clean our guest rooms, public spaces , high-touch surfaces and staff facilities using hospital-grade cleaning solutions that adhere to CDC and Jamaica’s Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Automatic hand-sanitizer dispensers are strategically positioned in public areas.
  • Social distancing is implemented in all public areas, including:
    • Spacing of seating in the lobby area.
    • Spacing of dining spaces, with fewer tables.
    • Spacing or removal of stools in lounges, bars and the piano bar.
    • Pool, gym and hot tub capacities have been reduced.
  • An increased sanitation schedule is in place for public areas, with a concentration on high traffic areas and those places most often touched by guests.
    • Key touch points are sanitized no less than once per hour between 7 a.m. and 1 a.m.
    • We’re using a special product from Ecolab that sanitizes our beautiful natural-wood surfaces without marring them.
  • Any Covid-19 symptoms displayed by staff or guests will be reported to the Ministry of Health for follow-up according to government protocol.


  • All staff have their temperatures taken upon arrival at work and at least once more during their shift.
    • Temperature readings adhere to CDC and Jamaica’s Ministry of Health guidelines and recommendations.
  • All staff are equipped with face shields and/or masks and gloves, dependent on their job responsibilities and level of contact with guests and other staff.
  • Staff have their own sanitizer bottles and/or larger bottles are positioned strategically for their use.
  • Staff receive a monthly supply of sanitizing detergent to launder their uniforms and do not travel to and from work in that clothing.
    • All staff are misted with a sanitizing spray once they’re dressed in their uniforms.
  • Social distancing is implemented in all staff areas.
    • Virtual meetings are held whenever possible to avoid congregating the staff.
  • Outside contractors and delivery people have access to handwashing stations and are misted with a sanitizing spray upon their arrival at the resort.
    • There’s a designated area for receiving and sanitizing all deliveries.


  • All guests are encouraged to check in online to expedite their arrival process.
    • Guests are provided with health and safety protocol information via email once they check in online.
  • Upon arrival, guests are met by their personal concierge, who wears a face mask.
    • Our staff has adopted a new greeting – the “hand-to-heart” – to replace our former handshakes and hugs.
  • Bags are delivered into the rooms (Effective Feb. 15, 2022)
  • Normal check in the lobby is now in place (Effective Feb. 15, 2022)


  • When a guest checks out, the entire room – both hard and soft surfaces – is completely misted and sanitized before the next guest arrives.
  • Daily housekeeping isthe norm again and will be provided by attendantswearing a face shield, mask and gloves, which are sanitized before entering each guest room.
  • Guests are asked to remain on the balcony or leave the room during housekeeping.
  • If guests prefer not to have housekeeping services, the Do Not Disturb sign should be placed on the door.
  • Guests are encouraged to use the Do Not Disturb sign and rooms will not be entered.
  • Mini fridges are now (Effective February 10) stocked once daily with water, soda and Red Stripe beer.
  • Nightly turndown service has been discontinued.
  • Guests may requestthat ice be delivered to their room.


  • Effective February 6, 2022, a “served” buffet service in the Palm Grove Restaurant has returned for breakfast and dinner.
  • Our a la carte restaurants, the Lotus Leaf and the Chef’s Showcase, are again open two nights a week, with reduced seating capacity for social distancing.
    • All guests are given a schedule of dinner reservations upon check-in, as we are trying to ensure that each guest dines in the a la carte restaurants during their stay. Changes can be requested with your personal concierge.
  • All dining areas have been reconfigured to ensure social distancing.
  • All restaurants are misted with a sanitizing spray between each meal service.
  • All servers wear face shields or masks.
  • Palm Grove restaurant, which used to have several entrances, is now limited to three points of entry so staff can monitor the number of guests arriving at any single time and direct them to the host stand.
  • Guests must check in at each restaurant’s host stand to be seated.
    • The host offers all guests hand sanitizer andperforms a temperature check.


  • Food orders are taken by our “Beach Buddies” and delivered to guests’ loungers or tables.
  • Guests may choose to get their own drinks from the bar while maintaining social distancing, or our Beach Buddies can deliver beverages to guests’ loungers or tables.
  • Guests can continue using our “flag-in-the-sand” system to indicate a desire for service. Those flags are sanitized after each guests’ use.


  • All bartenders wear face shields or masks.
  • The bartenders sanitize their hands after preparing each order.
  • We have discontinued drink garnishes.


  • Beach towels are no longer left in guest rooms but are now kept on special shelving at the pool and beach for guests to help themselves. The shelving was specifically built for this purpose.
  • Beach loungers are misted and sanitized at the beginning and end of the day and between each guest.
  • Our non-motorized water sports, complimentary to all guests, are operated by an outside vendor who adheres to all protocols issued by Jamaica’s Ministry of Health.
  • SPA

    • Each spa technician wears a mask.
    • Upon request, the spa technician can wear gloves while performing treatments.
    • The spa technician wears a disposable gown for each treatment and immediately discards the gown when the treatment is complete.
    • Guests will be asked to shower in the spa before their treatment.


    • A maximum of four shoppers are permitted in the gift shop at one time.