Murdock’s Herbs and Microgreens Farm

This project of incorporating Murdock’s Herbs and Micro Greens Farm into a Farm Tour started in January 2019 and is being under taken by Mr. Milton Murdock, owner and operator of Murdock’s Herbs and Micro Greens Farm. He started The Farm in 1992 and over the years has continued to add new products to evolve into what it is today.

Murdock’s Herbs and Micro Greens Farm is geared at providing all the best in local and exotic fruits, vegetables and spices to the Tourist Industry, The Service Sector as well as Private Entities.

Serving the Community for over 23 years as a teacher, champion farmer, advisor and an innovator, Mr. Murdock has put his passion for farming to the test.

Second to none, the wide array of green housed micro greens and variety of herbs, spices, exotic fruits and vegetables has made Murdock’s Farm a show piece for over 20 hotels across the island, which depends on him for their specialized menus. Name it and He will find a way to grow it, a true custom grower.

Due to overwhelming request form his partners for site visits, function offers, and even from Universities for case studies locally and international, The Farm will now be improving its facilities to accommodate Guided Tours, with a view of educating, sensitizing and show casing Jamaica’s innovative products and farming techniques.

The objective of this Tour is to educate persons on the extensive variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices as well as the showcasing of wild life whilst creating a fun and relaxing environment, perfect for a group or a family outing.

With a vision of hosting persons not just to feast with their eyes as to the abundance of items on offer, but also to conduct live cooking demos fresh off the farm, as well as hosting functions geared at exclusive garden dining from the farm. Murdock’s Farm is certain to excite all nature lovers and persons with a discerning taste bud, be if from the thrill of catching you own fish, sample tasting a fruit or eating an edible flower.

The goal is to also go back to the grass roots of Jamaica, by focusing on schools, with instructional sessions on soil preparation, contouring, planting techniques, green house production, harvesting and production lessons.

The project will include the installation of 6 green houses, 3 gazebos, a kitchen, a bird sanctuary, as well as male and female rest rooms facilities

Along with the existing layout of The Farm and facilities, where items are strategically planted, fence lines will be erected to separate different sections of The Farm.  There will also be a designated, clearly market trial to traverse The Farm.

The following units will be erected:

– 6 green houses
– 3 gazebos
– 1 bird sanctuary (meshed)
– 1 kitchen facilities
– Male and female rest room facilities

Mostly situated on two slopes, The Farm is position on a perfect “V”, with the main facilities at the top of one side and extended farm land on the top of the other side amassing 10 acres.  Mostly used for farming, the adjoining areas are used to farm other produces, sugar cane, and cattle rearing.

Along both slopes and the crown of each, are fully  farmed land spaces, with over 100 varieties of vegetables and spices as well as over 100 varieties of Fruit trees, such as over 1 acre each of mango, naseberry, coconut, sour sop, sweet sop, and jack fruit just to mention a few, whilst utilizing the space inter cropping.

In the Valley of the “V” is a natural pond, housing fish and turtles, as well as other vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

With his passion for nature and the environment, The Farm is perfectly nurtured against soil erosion and with his extensive knowledge also aid in the pollination processes in the area.

Murdock’s Herb and Micro Greens Farm is currently the leading producer of exotic vegetables, herbs and spices with over 20 hotels currently being supplied. With the other properties around predominantly used for farming, having a Farm Tour in the mist of that would at value and complement the community.

The Tour will follow a specific theme coupled with strategic planting to facilitate proper contouring of the landscape as well as ensuring the sustainability of its existing wild life and cross pollination process on The Farm.

Maintaining a friendly environmental operating procedure and action plans will be pivotal to the continued survival of The Farm and ultimately The Tour.


$USD55 Per person

The Tour will not include any watersports activities, zip lines, or the construction of any facilities not already mentioned.