Smoking Policy

Dear Guests,
It has become necessary for us to issue an advisory, as it relates to smoking either by use of marijuana/ganja or tobacco, due to not having enough
knowledge based on the laws of Jamaica. Please see below for easy reference and for understanding the Law whichgoverns these products.

1. Marijuana
It is a criminal offense to be in possession of more than 2 oz. of ganja. Offenders can be arrested, charged, tried in court and if found guilty
sentenced to either a fine or imprisonment or both. This will result in a criminal record.

2. Medical Mariiuana
Tqrrists or visitors to Jamaica who reside overseas may apply for a permit which is issued by Jamaica’s Ministry of Health, where a fee is payable to allow them to lawfully purchase and possess up to 2oz of ganja at a time, for either medical or therapeutic purposes. To obtain this permit, visitors will need to produce evidence that their use of ganja has been either recommended or prescribed by a licensed Medical Practitioner, in the country where they live.

3. TobAcco/Cigarette
There is a comprehensive ban on tobacco and cigarette smoking in indoor public places, indoor work places and public transport. ln addition to this
the law also prohibits the smoking in several outdoor places within 5 meters of entrances, exits, windows and ventilation intakes of a public
place, workplace or public transport.

A person who smokes in public cannot be arrested or detained. However the Police may issue a ticket to that person, who will have up to 30 days to
pay J$500 at any tax office. For this reason we have designed special designated areas for you to enjoy this product.

Failure to pay a Ticket
It is an offense to fail to pay a ticket that has been issued for either smoking in public or for possession of 2oz or less or ganja. The offender will be required to attend the Petty Sessions Court and may be ordered to do Community Service. Where Community Service cannot be arranged, there will be a fine of.J$2,000.00. 4. ln addition to the above, it is important to note that smoking of ganja will be legally permitted in places that are licensed for the smoking of ganja for either medical or therapeutic purposes. Adherents of the Rastafarian faith will also be permifted to smoke ganja for sacramental purposes in locations REGISTERED, as places of Rastafarian worship. The Sunset at the Palms Resort & Spa is not ticensed in any way for the smoking of ganja, nor is it registered as a place of Rastafarian worship. No smoking of Ganja or Marijuana is permitted anywhere on the property.

Resort Management